Beebold! is a cute, simple game about collecting bees.

In Beebold!, you're a kobold who's collecting bees for her beehive. Unfortunately, there's a Critter wandering the field, and Critters love bees. If the Critter catches you, it'll eat all the bees you're carrying, so you have to be careful.

Critters love cookies more than they love bees, though, and as luck would have it, you're carrying a couple. If you get in trouble, you can distract the Critter so you can get away safely with your bees.

Beware, though - the more bees you have in your hive, the more desperate the Critter will get...

Beebold's music and sound effects were composed by maple syrup. <3

Made withPICO-8
Tagsbee, kobold, Non violent, PICO-8

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